rose gold silk durag

But they are becoming more and more popular among all kinds of customers. On another note, we are looking for great people like you to help model our products. Once that happens, this will help you search and find you products more easily. We consider all complexions and builds for our products. We help our customers by referrals. Most importantly and chiefly are aim is to provide our customers durags that help people style with quality durags, so the then look better and feel great. We carry Designer DuRags, Velvet DuRags, and 100% Real Silk lined Bonnets. As a reminder, we have silk durags, velvet durags, designer durags, durgs for men, durags for women, durag caps, solid colors durag, black durags, silky durag pack headbands for women and accessories. Now we currently carry more than just solid color 100% Real Silk DuRags. Silk DuRags launched in June 2017, because of the need for 100% Real Silk DuRags.

After searching countless local stores and online shops I was always coming up empty-handed; I then saw the need to create a 100% Real Silk DuRag for myself. Physical site coming soon. For that reason, stay tune as we unveil updates to our endeavor. So, be sure to stay tune to this channel. The silky satin durags are a must have for those who have textured hair. However, satin is much lighter in weight than silk is. Coupled with stresses of life, some it can be too much. Aren’t you worth so much more? Soon, we will make enhance to our website for more appeal. However, there are a few extra considerations you can take to make sure you get perfect 360 curves. One size fits most: Our silk durags with long tails for men and women are generously sized and use a one size fits most design that provides the perfect fit for most people.

Sometimes there is not enough time to execute the perfect durag, this is why we have discovered the perfect hack for a quick durag.1. When you first came to our webpage, there was a signup popup. There are thousands of workers struck and killed on the roadways by vehicle motorist each day. Our construction durags are a great way to absorb sweat and retard the sun rays. A true heritage fashion accessory, the simple square shaped neck-scarf has long been used in a similar way to the kerchief. A simple square of fabric that can be used to tie hair or around the neck, it is both a practical solution and a stylish statement in one. A simple square of fabric that can be worn in myriad ways, it’s no surprise that it has been favoured over the years by farmers, sailors and cowboys. We currently ship all over the world and have made sales in all but 6 states in the US. Additionally, wee have a limited stock of accessories.

Embroidered patches, color gear ties, and large gator necks are chiefly the accessories items we have in stock. Custom ordered durags takes a little longer than what we have in stock. The patriotic durags for certain are among these freedom lovers pick. With this in mind, you are ambitious, wish to make start, take a leap of faith. Bald heads sometime make you feel insecure from. In the light of these facts, when you use our product, silky durag for waves you’ll look great and feel better. So therefore, we know how you feel. Did You Know This? At Doo Rag Nation and any other partners we connect with, we try and add more value to help. At the present time Doo Rag Nation has an opportunity for modeling. Kelin does a wonderful job modeling this sports durag. If you are a person who might be interested, please send us an email and request more information about our modeling opportunity.

Our skull caps are quality-made, fitted with a sweat band, comfortable, stylish, and priced right. It is resistant to wrinkling and offers more stretch making it the right choice for anyone that wants a durag that looks and feels good. Breathable and Light: Our wide head wraps extra hold and compression while making sure that you look nothing short of stunning. Thanks to the weightlessness of the fabric, it provides just the right compression for 180, 360, 540 and 720 waves while keeping your head sweat free, cool and dry. That’s great right. Save money while getting a durag of your choice. This durag can be easily used by both men and women. Skull caps for women. Essential for clothes retailers, this classic accessory is the height of contemporary style and is today popular with men, women and children. Today it is part of the unofficial uniform of many counter-cultures and street fashion modes notably amongst bikers and music fans. Traditionally made from cambric cotton today you can buy a red durag in silk, cotton or polyester. You can also buy classic square, ready tied and elastic variants.

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